A young pug and french bulldog posing together for the camera, while being taken on a walk.

Heading Out for a W-A-L-K? Bring These Things to Keep Your Doggy Safe

The infamous W-A-L-K. The word you never utter out loud or within earshot of your favorite doggo unless you mean it. Dogs of all ages love going for walks, and with good reason! Walking provides much-needed mental and physical stimulation for your favorite companion. When your pet is cooped up in the house for too long, they can get bored, setting them on a path for destruction. So unless you want to replace your slippers (or couch cushions) regularly, heading out for that daily W-A-L-K is a must for your to-do list.

5 Items to Take Along on that Next Neighborhood Walk 

Dogs are like kids. You can’t leave the house without a bunch of things for your adventure out, no matter how long you’ll be gone. With kids, you need a diaper bag, a sippy cup or water bottle, and a myriad of other things. And much of that holds when heading out for a walk with your dog. 

To ensure you are prepared for your next walk, pack these things for the adventure.

1. Poo bags

Dogs love to do their business when you’re walking on the sidewalk in front of your neighbor’s house. And the truth is that there is nothing you can do about it. When Fido needs to go, he needs to go. Movement creates, well, a movement of the “b-word” (bowel) kind. However, as any good pet owner knows, you can’t leave their excrement in the neighbor’s yard, on the boulevard, or anywhere else. So, be sure to have some poo bags at the ready. A great option is leftover plastic bags from your last visit to Target or the grocery store. Or, pick up some bags the next time you are at your nearest Pet Evolution location. We have options for dogs of all sizes.

2. Water bottle

Dogs and humans need to stay hydrated when they are exercising. And that w-a-l-k around the block counts as exercise. So, bring a water bottle or two along for the journey. Expect your dog to need water to prevent dehydration every 20 to 30 minutes. So when you take a break from your walk or run or stop to chat with the neighbors, offer your dog a quick drink. And don’t worry if they don’t gulp at the water with each opportunity; your dog will know when they are thirsty.

3. Water dish

Though some dogs can drink from the water bottle directly if you pour it slowly, this can be more challenging for other dogs. Bringing along a collapsible tri-fold water dish is a great option, especially during the summer when the heat is at its peak. So, whenever you stop for a break, pour some water in the bowl for your pooch and let the rehydrate.

4. Harness

Some dogs do fine walking on their leash connected to their neck collar. If your dog knows how to heel and doesn’t tug on their leash, meandering to and fro to get a whiff of this or that, you can stick to a collar-leash approach. But in most cases, harnesses are gentler for dogs than a collar and a leash. Consider upgrading your dog’s walk by putting them in a good harness. This can alleviate back pain for both you and your dog, making it less likely that your dog will be subject to a neck injury.

5. Treats

Last but not least, a walk outside is the perfect time to do some puppy training or reinforcement training. Use the walk to practice heel, sit, stay, come, and other commands your pup may know or be learning. We offer a variety of treats that are perfect for this purpose. Pick up some of our NutriSource or Finley’s training treats. And, be sure to pay attention to the leash laws in your community before allowing your dog to come or stay without your hand on the leash.

Pay a visit to your nearest Pet Evolution to stock up on items to make the most of your next W-A-L-K with your furry companion

When heading out for a walk with your furry companion, it is crucial to bring along a few essentials to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Don’t forget to pack poo bags for responsible waste management, a water bottle and collapsible dish to keep your dog hydrated, a secure harness for better control and comfort, and some tasty treats to reward good behavior. 

Visit your nearest Pet Evolution today to stock up on these must-have items, and make your next walk an enjoyable experience for you and your beloved pooch.