5 Summer Smart Products

August is that time of year when the sunny weather brings humidity and heat that is said to force dogs in to lethargic and languid behavior. Hence, “the Dog Days of Summer.” Truth be told, this weather can be dangerous for pets! So here are the top 5 products to help your dog stay safe:

Trifold Water Dish – These pop-up water dishes are perfect to keep your dog hydrated on the go. Grab a bottle of water and the handy collapsible bowl holds water for your dog to lap up on a hike, at the dog park or on the sandy beach!

Reusable Treat Pack – Fanny packs are back in style! And that’s true for dog owners too! Bring your treats around town in a hands-free treat bag to easily provide your pet with a calorie-boost and keep their energy up! Frozen Yogurts / Frozen Bones – Help your pup cool down from the summer heat with a nice frozen yogurt made especially for dogs, or a frozen specialty bone. Make sure these types of treats have been made with pet-friendly ingredients so you don’t irritate their digestive systems. LED Lights – Add a bright LED light to your dog’s collar, harness or leash. They can be seen from long distances, keeping you and your dog safe during night walks or activities. You’ll appreciate the added protection as daylight grows shorter in fall and winter.

Custom Pet Tags and Sturdy Collars – Yes, this is two products! But you need a good collar to hold your custom dog tag! Summer is the time when so many dogs get lost, and a good collar and identification tag can help ensure your dog is returned to you. This is beneficial year-round, and should be worn at all times for maximum safety.

For more tips on how to help your pets “live the good life,” visit our friendly staff at Pet Evolution in Woodbury and Arden Hills!