Finding the Best Charitable Cause for Pets

If there is one thing we can consistently say about pet owners, it is that their love for pets often extends far beyond just their own furry friend. Pet owners are all about community. They understand the health benefits of bringing a pet into their home and want others to experience the same wonderful advantages. 

That’s why so many pet owners seek out charitable causes that benefit animals and their communities. Are you looking for the best charitable cause for pets? At Pet Evolution, we have a few thoughts to help you narrow your search. Thank you for contributing to the welfare of animals across the U.S.

What to Look for in a Charitable Cause for Pets

Before we get into our recommendations, let’s talk about what to look for in a charitable cause for your pets. It’s important to understand that not all charities and organizations are the same. 

  • Transparency and Accountability: Look for organizations that clearly disclose their financial statements and program outcomes. Understanding how funds are used is a must for understanding the impact of your donation.
  • Mission and Impact: Choose charities whose missions align with your values and have a demonstrable impact on pets’ lives. Whether they rescue animals, provide medical care, or support adoption services, ensure their efforts resonate with your desire to help.
  • Efficiency and Use of Funds: Investigate how much of your donation goes directly towards the cause versus administrative expenses. Charities and non-profits should have a high percentage of direct program contributions.
  • Non-Profit vs. Charity: Understand the difference – while all charities are non-profits, not all non-profits are charities. Charities must meet specific governmental criteria for tax exemption, often with a focus on public benefit.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Review reviews and ratings on trusted charity evaluation platforms. A strong, positive reputation among peers and beneficiaries is a good indicator of effectiveness and reliability.
  • Community Involvement: Look for organizations that actively engage with their communities. This involvement can enhance the direct impact on pet welfare and help animals near where you live and work.

Pet Evolution’s Top Picks for Pet Charities

It’s estimated that there are approximately 49,329 animal organizations in the U.S. alone. And, these organizations employ over 147,000 people. But like we said, not all organizations are the same. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Pet Evolution works directly with Make-A-Wish chapters in the various regions and communities where our stores are located. Make-A-Wish is a well-known organization dedicated to granting life-changing wishes to children who are chronically or terminally ill. While this foundation is not necessarily pet-related, you can do things with your pet to help ensure the money goes back to the organization, which is intended to help children. And who doesn’t want to help a child live their best life despite their health setbacks?

  • Washes for Wishes: We host a day of dog washes dedicated to raising funds for the organization. We charge a $20 flat fee for the dog wash and all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish.
  • Photos with Santa: Who doesn’t love a photo of their pet with the ever-famous and magical Santa Claus? In early December of each year, we host a photo opportunity to get photos of you and your family with your pet and Santa. All it takes is a donation of $20, and the proceeds will go to the local chapter.

Occasionally, our stores are contacted by Make-A-Wish chapter representatives working to fulfill Wish Kids’ needs. Many children have pets on their wish list, and we’re happy to provide food, toys, treats, and various other pet supplies as part of the Wish.

Local Pet Shelters and Rescue Centers 

Every year, about 6.3 million animals are surrendered or enter animal shelters. And unfortunately, only about two-thirds of them are ever adopted. At Pet Evolution, we strongly encourage pet enthusiasts to adopt pets from rescue centers. After all, these pets need our love and care. Often, these pets build an extra special bond with their humans who have rescued them from homelessness.

We host monthly adoption events and donate food and other pet supplies to these organizations. You, too, can contribute to these shelters, even if adoption is not something you are interested in. Contact your local animal shelter or rescue center to find out what is on their needs list. Then, pop over to one of our Pet Evolution centers to purchase items off the list for your donation.

Fill the Boot Fundraisers 

Fill the Boot is an annual effort typically conducted in partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). The organization aims to raise critical funds to support research and care for those living with neuromuscular diseases. 

Many of our franchise owners work to raise funds for their local police and K9 unit fundraisers to help fill the boot. To get involved, contact your local police station to see if they are participating in one of the fundraisers and see how you can help. Volunteers are always appreciated, and of course, donations are also appreciated.

Finding the Right Charitable Cause for Pets is a Personal Choice

Finding the right charitable cause to support as a pet owner is a very personal choice. The Animal Humane Society always needs volunteers and funds to continue operations. And of course, you can always choose to donate locally with one of the organizations we shared above. 

Your efforts can go a long way, whether you and your pet gift time or money. Our pets rely on us for love, care, and support, and when you can extend that to others, it can be truly rewarding. From all of us here at Pet Evolution, we support you and your kind heart.