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The culture at Pet Evolution is based on love, health and longevity. Your dogs and cats deserve the same quality of life as you do, and we’re here to guide you with food recommendations, grooming needs and more.

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Nose to Tail Products & Services

Pet Evolution, your local healthy pet store, offers high-quality pet food and treats, full-service grooming and self-serve dog washes. Making it even more convenient, the mobile nail trim service comes right to you.

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Helping Pets Live a Groomed Life

Our full-service Groom Room features only the best, safety-certified groomers who take pride in providing a safe and calm environment for your dog or cat.

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Helping Pets Live a Clean Life

Bring your dog and the entire family to our fun, self-serve dog wash. We supply everything, including the clean-up.

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Helping Pets Live a Healthy Life

Our shelves are stocked with healthy pet food and treats that are protein rich, contain fruits and vegetables and humanely sourced meats.

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Mobile Nail Trims

Schedule an appointment and our technician will come to you!

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Pet Evolution:
Frequently Asked Questions

At Pet Evolution, we are passionate about pets and offer supportive and encouraging guidance. Our mission is to provide the best nutritional products and state-of-the-art services to help all pets live the good life.

No, Pet Evolution does not sell pets. We provide premium pet food and retail products, paw-some grooming services, family-friendly, state-of-the-art self-serve dog wash stations for dog owners, and mobile nail trimming.

We only use natural products for grooming that are completely safe. This ensures pets get clean, soft fur without the use of harsh chemicals.

We offer full-service grooming that includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, full hair cut, and ear cleaning. Upgrades to the grooming service are available, which can include nail filing, teeth brushing, ear plucking, anti-itching, gland expressing, and de-matting.

Our Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash allows customers to bring their dogs into the store and utilize our supplies for washing their dog. Walk-ins are welcome.

We stock our shelves with premium pet food products that are rich in protein, contain fruits and vegetables, and are made from humanely sourced meats.

Yes, we offer a Mobile Nail Trim. Simply schedule an appointment and a Pet Evolution technician will come to your home to trim your dog or cat’s nails.

You can search for a Pet Evolution location near you on our website. We have several conveniently located stores throughout the United States.

Our Groom Room utilizes the best safety-certified groomers who ensure a safe and calm environment for your pet.

The Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash is primarily designed for dogs. We recommend checking with the store directly to find out which services are provided for cats.

Our premium pet food is rich in protein and contains fruits, vegetables, and humanely sourced meats, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet for your beloved pet.

You can schedule a Mobile Nail Trim appointment directly through our website by selecting your location.

Currently, our mobile servicing offering is the nail trim. Clients have the option of adding on teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

We are committed to only using products that have humanely sourced meats. For specific information about how these products source their meat, you can speak with an in-store Pet Evolution wellness associate.

Nope! We provide everything you could need for washing your dog, including cleanup supplies.