The Benefits of Good Life Membership: Why You Should Sign Up Today

While being a pet owner is a highly rewarding experience, it doesn’t come with a low cost. A recent article from USA Today actually suggests that 91% of pet owners have experienced some sort of financial stress related to their pets. 

And that’s not something we like to see. At Pet Evolution, we’re dedicated to helping pet owners create a happy and healthy life for their pets. And that’s one of the reasons we offer the Good Life Membership.

The Value of Pet Memberships & Discounts

Do we say discount? Yes, we did! And if you’re like most people, the idea of a lucrative offer is likely quite appealing. Countless studies have examined the human psyche and how people react to a good deal. Obviously, promotions and discounts encourage customers to buy—we’d be silly to deny this reality. 

However, there’s more to it than that. Some research has found that when customers receive a discount or good deal, their brains release oxytocin. And what’s oxytocin, you might ask? It’s a natural chemical inside your body that makes you feel happy. Ironically, customers feel even better about getting a great deal than receiving something entirely for free. Imagine that!

At Pet Evolution, we’re taking the value of pet memberships and discounts to the next level. What if you could pay a bit each month, get discounts on things you buy every month anyway, and save money on expensive services such as grooming and nail trims? We see that as a win-win-win proposition, and we call it the Good Life Membership.

What’s Included in the Good Life Membership?

Our pets are not just animals; they’re a part of our families, relying on us for their well-being and happiness. While we all want to provide the best care, quality nutrition, and engaging toys for our pets, maintaining this level of care often comes with a significant price tag. 

Recognizing this challenge, Pet Evolution proudly offers the Good Life Membership, designed to alleviate some of these financial burdens while ensuring your pets continue to receive the love and care they deserve.

The Good Life Membership isn’t just about saving money—it’s about enhancing your and your pets’ quality of life. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits that come with your membership:

  • Cost Savings on Every Purchase: Whether it’s food, toys, or accessories, enjoy cost savings on every retail purchase. Your membership ensures you get the best for your pet without breaking the bank.
  • Discounted Grooming Services: We understand grooming is essential for your pet’s health and happiness. Enjoy cost savings on all grooming services, including our convenient nail van service, to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.
  • Free Treats and Toys: Spoil your pet with free treats and toys each month. It’s our way of helping you keep your furry friend happy and engaged without any additional cost.
  • Self-Serve Dog Wash Facilities: Avoid the mess and stress of bathing your pet at home. Our self-serve dog wash stations have everything you need: towels, warm water, high-quality and safe shampoo, and high-velocity dryers. This benefit not only saves you time but also keeps your home clean. 

Healthy Food and Grooming Increases Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Have you ever thought of how good you feel after a bit of snuggle time with your favorite pooch or feline friend? Or how about the rush and energetic aftermath following a vigorous morning walk around the block? Those are just some examples of why our pets are so good for us. They boost our moods when we’re feeling down. And, they help us get off the couch, moving our bodies toward better health (for both the pet and their human).

When you look at it from the other perspective, your pet gets a pretty big benefit, too, when they are fed healthy foods and are kept clean from dirt and debris. Feeding your pet a healthy diet has so many benefits:

  • Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption: A healthy diet ensures that your pet gets the right nutrients needed for optimal digestion. This means less digestive discomfort and better absorption.
  • Stronger Immune System: Just like in humans, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can strengthen your pet’s immune system, helping it more effectively fend off illnesses and infections.
  • Healthy Skin and Coat: Quality food contributes to a shinier coat and healthier skin by providing essential fatty acids and nutrients. Combine this with great grooming, and your pet will feel and look its best.
  • Weight Management: Proper nutrition plays a big role in maintaining your pet’s healthy weight. Overweight pets are at a higher risk for numerous health issues, so keeping them on a balanced diet can lead to a longer, healthier life.
  • Better Quality of Life: Ultimately, feeding your pet a healthy diet and ensuring it is well-groomed can contribute to a longer lifespan. A well-nourished and clean pet is more likely to avoid diseases, remain active, and enjoy a high quality of life well into its senior years.

Sign Up for the Good Life Membership at Your Nearest Pet Evolution Today

To provide your pet with the best care possible, you must feed them healthy food, keep them clean, and ensure they get plenty of healthy play and exercise. The Good Life Membership helps you do just that. With three tiers to align best to your budget and needs, you’ll find the program affordable and something you’ll wish you had signed up for sooner.

Visit your local Pet Evolution today.