Welcome to Pet Evolution

Our mission is to help pets live the good life by providing the highest quality food, treats and grooming services.

What makes Pet Evolution different.

Healthy Pet Food – our shelves are stocked with products that are protein rich, contain fruits and vegetables and humanely sourced meats. No corn, soy or wheat, free of fillers, artificial flavors and colors. This is our commitment to you!

Education – our staff takes the time to get to know your pet, what makes them unique and what products and/or services will help them live the best life.

Holistic Approach – Our support doesn’t end with healthy food and treats. We focus on the overall wellness of your pet through supplements, tooth care, full-service grooming and bathing, walk-in appointments, self-serve dog wash with a membership program and mobile nail trims.

Customer Experience – See and feel the difference at Pet Evolution. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and our strict policy towards cleanliness assure you and your pet are receiving the best care and experience possible. And we don’t end there. We further simplify your life by offering both our self-serve dog wash, keeping your bathroom/laundry tub clean, and our Mobile Nail Trim and food delivery service provide the ultimate in convenience.

Shopping for pet food