Heather Rudolph

Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pet Evolution

Heather Rudolph, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pet Evolution, brings over two years of expertise to the world of pet care. Prior to joining Pet Evolution, Heather dedicated 12 years to Self Esteem Brands and another 12 years in various ad agencies. She earned her BS in marketing from Northwestern University, St. Paul.

Heather is not just a marketing pro; she’s also a passionate advocate for pet health and wellness. Her commitment extends beyond the office to her Wheaten Terrier, Charli.

With a wealth of experience, Heather tackles a range of pet health issues, striving to simplify the often confusing world of pet food and supplements. Her goal is to empower pet owners with clear, accessible information.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Heather enjoys exploring new restaurants, loves to practice her culinary skills at home, and cherishes her time and pet cuddles with Charli. As a seasoned marketing professional, Heather’s track record reflects her growth-oriented mindset, curiosity for consumer insights, and proficiency in brand management, digital marketing, and integrated communications.

For Heather, doing what she loves for a company that delivers a greater good is the ultimate equation, reflecting her commitment to both professional excellence and a positive impact on the pet care industry.

Heather with dog