Our self-serve dog wash consists of a large tub with steps, allowing your dog to safely walk into the tub. Inside the tub, there is a nozzle sprayer along with shampoo. You control the temperature and the spray pressure of the water. After the dog is wet, you apply the shampoo and scrub your pooch clean. You’ll then rinse off the shampoo and use the high velocity blow dryer to dry your dog. We also provide towels if you prefer. There is no time limit for the dog wash. The best part is, our team cleans up after you!

It depends on your dog’s breed and lifestyle, but generally speaking, a bath every 4-6 weeks is recommended. However, some breeds may need more frequent baths and some less. Our team can help you determine the proper bathing schedule for your dog.

Washing your dog excessively may result in the loss of the natural oils that provide their coat with shine, softness, and protection. This can lead to dry, itchy skin and other skin problems. The type of shampoo used can also make a difference and selecting the right formula can ensure protection of your dog’s skin.

The price of dog grooming varies by size and breed. Please search for the Pet Evolution location nearest you to review the grooming menu board.

Dog grooming is the process of cleaning and maintaining a dog’s appearance and hygiene. It includes brushing, bathing, trimming, and clipping fur and nails, as well as cleaning ears. It is important to groom your dog regularly to ensure their good health and overall wellbeing.

The frequency of grooming depends upon the breed of dog and the individual needs of the pet. Generally speaking, professional grooming should be done every 4-8 weeks, while at-home brushing should be done regularly to keep the pet’s coat and skin healthy.

Pet insurance usually does not cover grooming, as this is considered a preventative or elective service.

Yes, it is customary to tip a pet groomer. The amount of the tip should be based on the quality of the service provided however customers typically tip similar to a dining out experience.

The amount of time required to groom a dog depends on the size and breed of the animal, as well as the condition of its coat. Generally, a basic grooming session can take anywhere from one to three hours.

Pet Evolution does not offer mobile grooming. For the safety of your pets and our staff, we prefer to offer grooming in-store only. Pet Evolution does however, offer a mobile nail trim service.

Most dogs should have their nails trimmed every 3-4 weeks. However, some dogs may need to have their nails trimmed more often, depending on how quickly they grow. The Pet Evolution team can work with you to recommend the best schedule for your dog.

Book an appointment that works with your schedule and the Pet Evolution mobile nail trim van will come right to your home (typically within an 8 mile radius of the store). The certified professional nail technician drives a van that is outfitted with all the necessary tools, such as clippers, a dremel and files, to provide the service. When the van arrives, the technician will walk the dog out to the van, perform the requested services and then bring the dog back to your home’s front door. The nail van also offers additional add-on services such as teeth brushing, nail filing, ear cleaning and gland expression services.

It depends on your individual pet’s needs and preferences. Grain-free dog food can be a good option for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, or digestive issues, as it eliminates some of the common allergens found in grains. However, if your pet does not have any of these issues, then grain-free food may not be necessary. Our staff at Pet Evolution can help you identify the best food for your dog.

For pets with more sensitive stomachs, changing foods can be stressful for their digestion system. Gassiness and loose stools are common and to be expected, especially if they are switching from a lower quality food. We believe that the long-term benefits of eating a quality diet are well worth the short-term cost of a sore tummy. Plus, there are some easy steps you can take to help prevent any problems. Here’s a handy guide to transitioning your pet to their new food:

Days 1-2:   25% new food – 75% old food

Days 3-5:   50% new food – 50% old food

Days 6-7:   75% new food – 25% old food

Days 8+:    100% new food

Corn, soy, and wheat can be difficult for pets to digest. These grains are also often used as fillers in lower-quality pet food, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, some pets may be allergic to these grains. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff at Pet Evolution can help you determine which pet foods are best for your dog or cat.

Your pet may simply be tired of the food if they’ve been fed the same thing for years. A simple change of protein may make all the difference.

In addition, properly storing the food is key.  Pet Evolution recommends keeping it in the bag it came in to keep it as fresh as possible.  Many times, pet food can grow mold that humans can not see or smell but your pets can.

If after trying the options mentioned above, your pet is still not eating properly, we advise a consultation with your veterinarian.

If we currently carry the brand you’re looking for, we’d be happy to special order a specific formula or flavor for you. At Pet Evolution, we stand by the food we carry. If your pet is not completely satisfied, bring it back. We’ll find one that your pet loves!

  1. Improved Digestion: Raw dog food is easier for your dog to digest because it contains more enzymes and probiotics than typical kibble.
  2. Balanced Nutrition: Raw dog food is packed with all the vitamins and minerals needed for your dog’s health.
  3. Improved Skin and Coat Health: Raw dog food is rich in healthy fats and proteins, which can help improve your dog’s skin and coat.
  4. Fewer Allergies: Raw dog food is free from preservatives and fillers, which can help reduce the risk of allergies.
  5. Boosted Immune System: Raw dog food is packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that help keep your dog’s immune system strong.
  6. Joint Health: Raw dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help improve the health of your dog’s joints.
  7. Increased Energy: Raw dog food is easier for your dog to digest, which can help increase their energy levels.

Oven baked dog food is a type of dog food that is cooked in the oven and is usually made from high quality ingredients, such as fresh meat and vegetables, and is free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Oven baking helps to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients and makes the food easier for a dog to digest.

Yes, they are high in protein, long lasting, and good for dental care.

CBD has been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress in animals, as well as provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation. It has also been found to help improve digestion, reduce seizures, and even improve appetite. CBD can also be used as a natural treatment for skin conditions and allergies, as well as neurological conditions like epilepsy. Ultimately, the benefits of CBD for animals are wide-ranging and worth considering if your pet is suffering from any of the above conditions.

No, CBD is not psychoactive and will not produce a “high” in your pet

  1. Improved Digestion: Pet wellness supplements can help improve your pet’s digestion, allowing them to absorb nutrients more efficiently and helping to prevent digestive issues.
  2. Joint Health: Many pet supplements contain ingredients that help to support joint health and reduce inflammation. This can help to keep your pet active and mobile.
  3. Immunity Boost: Wellness supplements can provide an immunity boost to help keep your pet healthy and free of infections and illnesses.
  4. Skin and Coat Health: Pet supplements can help to improve skin and coat health by providing essential vitamins and minerals that promote growth and vitality.
  5. Heart Health: Certain pet supplements can help to support heart health, improving circulation and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  6. Allergy Relief: Many pet supplements contain ingredients that can help to reduce the symptoms of allergies and help to keep them at bay.

Matting is caused by a combination of dirt, debris, and oils that build up in the fur and cause the individual hairs to become tangled together. This can be especially problematic if the matting is in an area where the skin is not visible, as these mats can become so tight that they start to pull on the skin and cause discomfort or even pain. In extreme cases, matting can cause skin infections and other issues. To prevent matting, it’s important to keep your pet’s coat well-groomed and brushed regularly.

Dogs lick their paws for many different reasons, such as to clean them, to relieve itching, or to ease anxiety. In some cases, excessive licking can indicate an underlying medical condition such as environmental or food allergies or skin irritation. If your dog is licking his/her paws excessively, stop into Pet Evolution and we can help.

It is likely because of bacteria or yeast on the paws, which can produce a smell that is similar to corn chips. If there is an excessive amount, it could be a sign of a skin infection. Pet Evolution offers a variety of products that can help abate bacteria and yeast.

Most commonly, dogs will scooch on the carpet due to needing their anal glands expressed.

Gland expression is a process used to manually empty the anal glands of a dog. Most dogs will take care of this on their own, however some may need a little help. During the process, a groomer will gently squeeze the glands to express their contents. The process does not usually cause pain to the dog, however, some may experience mild discomfort.

Dry and flaky skin on a dog can be caused by a number of things including allergies, parasites, poor nutrition, environmental factors, hormonal imbalances, and certain illnesses. Our team at Pet Evolution is dedicated to helping your dog look and feel their best. We will work with you to determine what may be the cause and recommend a product or new food that will improve your dog’s skin condition.