Giving Pets Treats: A Few Tips!

We all love to spoil our pets once in a while! Whether its extra snuggles, a cozy nap on the couch, a super fun squeaky toy… there are so many ways to show them our love! But it’s when we give treats and snacks to show affection that we need to be a little more cautious… and here’s why:

Easy does it.

If humans ate cake and ice cream all day, it would eventually catch up with us! Same goes for our pets – Treats should be given occasionally, and in small portions. This is to avoid adding too many extra calories to your pets’ diet. Active pets might be able to enjoy a few more goodies than our more sedentary (ie lazy) pets. But regardless, the concept is the same as humans: extra calories will turn in to extra weight if the animal doesn’t burn it off! So, to keep your pets’ health on track, keep the treats in check.

It’s what is on the inside that counts.

We here at Pet Evolution are constantly telling people about the importance of quality nutrition in your pet’s diet. That includes treats, too! Avoid treats that are made with fillers, by-products, or high levels of sugar, salt or fat content. Your pet (and your pet’s gut) will thank you!

Treat on purpose!

If it was your birthday every day, would it still feel as special? Same concept for giving treats: they lose their luster if you give them all the time! So treat with intention. Many animals are food-motivated which make tiny treats an incredible tool in training. Whether you are mastering a “sit,” “stay” or just rewarding positive behavior, using treats can be very effective!

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