What do I need for my new pet?

Social distancing and self-isolating are no walk in the park. Many of us have had the companionship of our family pet(s) during this difficult pandemic. And for others, this time has brought about the realization that a pet can be a great addition to the family!

With so many first-time pet owners bringing home a puppy, kitten, or adopting a rescue animal, Pet Evolution staff has found ourselves answering a lot of questions about basic pet supply needs. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list below of the MUST HAVES for new furry family members:


Food: Nutritious dog food will help your pup grow up healthy and happy! We offer free samples so you can see what your pup likes before buying a bag.

Treats: For training positive behaviors.

Bed: For quiet time, relaxation and comfort.

Stuffed Toys: Squeaks or crinkle sounds will entertain!

Kong Toys: Durable for active play.

Chews: Enrichment and entertainment, and dental hygiene

Harness: Adds control and reflective light on leashed walks

Leash: Adds control and safety when out and about

Collar and ID Tag: Safety in case your pet wanders

Flea and Tick Preventative: Important parasite prevention all year long

Bowls: One for water, one for food

Potty pads: To help with housebreaking

Poop Scooper and Disposable Bags: Do we need to describe this one? 🙂


Cat food: Nutritious cat food will help your kitten enjoy a long healthy life. Our selection of free samples can help take the guess work out of selecting a tasty choice. 

Bowls: One for food, one for water

Bed: Provides comfort and relaxation

Litter Box (and scoop!): Usually, we suggest one box per cat.

Cat Litter: Believe it or not, cats can have a preference. We have a few varieties to choose from!

Collar and ID Tag: Safety in case your cat gets out. Add a little bell charm if you want help locating your stealthy cat

Scratching Tree – Provides entertainment and enrichment, thus saving your couch, curtains, etc.

Toys: Provides mental and physical exercise.

Cat Carrier – A cat carrier is the safest way to transport your cat, especially during vet visits.

It can seem overwhelming to shop for all of these new supplies, but our team at Pet Evolution is happy to help you! In fact, if you bring in your new pet to meet our staff, we can size more appropriately… and shower it with love!

We look forward to seeing you!