Meet the Animal Lovers Behind the Pet Evolution Franchise

Jill Abrahamsen August 23, 2022 7:14 am

The passionate team behind Pet Evolution calls the emerging holistic pet store franchise the “Whole Foods of Pet Care.” And it’s easy to see why. Just like Whole Foods, Pet Evolution deals only in natural foods and offers holistic wellness products. Also, like the popular wellness brand, Pet Evolution has well-trained employees who are passionate about the products they sell and has a cult-like following of customers who consider the store a godsend in terms of wellness. That was certainly the case for franchise industry veteran Peter Carlson (right) who came into the Woodbury, Minn., store seeking a remedy for his standard poodle Leo’s never-ending digestive problems. “I tried everything and grew more and more frustrated,” he says.

When Carlson described Leo’s ailment to the young woman behind the counter, she offered a solution, plus an education on why dogs like Leo struggle with digestive problems. “I was so impressed at her knowledge and the results. With the food she recommended, I had a whole new dog and also a vision to make Pet Evolution a household name,” he says.

It wasn’t long before Carlson met with Pet Evolution co-founders Rian Thiele (top left) and Mike Osborn and proposed a partnership. “We hit it off right away. As a customer, Peter shares our core values and mission of offering the best foods and toys possible for pets,” says Thiele.

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