Pet Evolution Expands to the DMV


June 28, 2022 Pet Evolution WOODBURY, Minn.Pet Evolution, a healthy pet supply franchise dedicated to providing the highest quality food, treats, grooming, self-wash and mobile nail trims, is making its debut in the ‘DMV’ area. The brand has awarded William (Jeff) Jeffress a Regional Developer License, which includes 20 locations throughout D.C. and Maryland, bringing the first store to Montgomery County. With three locations currently open, and seven more locations in development throughout the U.S., now is the perfect time to bring this exciting concept to Maryland. Born and raised in D.C., Jeff has invested in the brand as a regional developer and is on a mission to find franchisees who will be the perfect fit to run the new locations. “Pet Evolution stood out immediately to me”, said Jeff. “My first job was at a local pet shop and I loved being able to work with animals every day. When I decided to exit my career in business consulting, I wanted to do something that brought me joy each day, and excited to go to work. Pet Evolution is the ideal opportunity for me with their dedication to the wellness of pets, the smart business model, and the consumer demand for dog care. I can’t wait to bring this holistic approach to pet care to the ‘DMV’ area and provide pet owners with a one-stop-shop to keep their furry friends happy and healthy.” With more than 16 years’ experience in business management and consulting, transitioning into the franchise industry was a natural next step. Jeff’s background makes him the perfect addition to spearhead the brands expansion in Maryland, as he has strong business knowledge to guide franchisees’ growth and profitability. “While this is my first venture going into business for myself, I know that I’m not going into business by myself”, said Jeff. “Pet Evolution offers a brilliant business model by offering pet owners a place to buy high-quality food and treats, get full-service grooming, have a self-wash option and even mobile nail trims at your house. Plus, their leadership team and home office support are unparalleled in their commitment to the success of each individual location. The brands dedication to animal health and wellness is inspiring and I’m thrilled to be able to help bring this exceptional company to East Coast communities.” “Consumer demand for dog grooming is at an all-time high. Many places have more than a year-long wait. These 20 locations in the DMV area will help pet owners extend the quality of life of their pets with our nutritious pet food, amazing grooming teams, and self-wash membership,” added Peter Carlson, President of Pet Evolution Franchising, LLC. “Jeff’s business background and love for pets will be a tremendous asset to our franchisees’ success in the DC and Maryland area.” Pet Evolution is actively seeking single and multi-unit franchise partners. While they encourage those with franchise experience to apply, their approachable system is designed to accommodate first time franchisees as well. Above all else, Pet Evolution is searching for partners that have a love for animals. For more information about Pet Evolution’s franchise opportunity, visit

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