If there is one good thing from the #StayHomeMN order, it’s the extra quality time we are getting with our beloved pets!

And yet, while they are great cuddle buddies, they aren’t always so chill! So what can you do to help them exert some of that mental and physical energy?

We have a few great suggestions to take care of the job, that also make great Easter Basket goodies! (Easter is April 12th!)


FLAVORED BUBBLES: Peanut Butter flavored bubbles. Yes, you read that right. Your dog will love chasing these floating bubbles around your yard, and earn a”POP” of flavor when he catches one!

WEST PAW CHEWS: Chews, puzzles and play toys. Dogs have a need to gnaw and nothing quite satisfies like these Zogoflex dog toys. Shove some treats in the “puzzle” and your dog will be occupied and entertained at the same time.

IQ TREAT BALL: This cool toy by OurPets is not only durable, it’s also adjustable! The IQ Treat Ball features an insert that allows you to adjust the difficulty, determining how hard your dog has to work to get the treats out of the ball.

PUZZLE BOX: Puzzles are a favorite way to pass the time, and that’s true for dogs just as much as it is for humans. Pet Evolution has a number of fun treat puzzles – featuring hidden doors and trick-to-open compartments. Pick one up and your pup will be challenged at mealtime.

ONG BALLS: Thirty minutes before your morning ZOOM meeting, head out to your local park and play fetch with a new, fuzzy KONG Tennis Ball. This tactic can be repeated over the lunch hour to ensure a quiet afternoon meeting as well!

NO-HIDE CHEWS: These easily digested USA-made are free of any animal hide (hence the name), formaldehydes, bleaches, chemicals, hormones & steroids. They come in various flavors like Beef, Chicken, Salmon and Peanut Butter. And various sizes will buy you more time!

BULLY STICKS: A bully stick to a dog is like a lollipop to a child: once you give them one, they become incredibly quiet! We have so many options at Pet Evolution! Plus, with our rewards program, when you buy 10 you get the 11th treat FREE!

SEASONAL COOKIES: A festive treat from our bakery is sure to give your pup a smile. We have new spring themed cookies available, which make great Easter basket goodies!


Yeowww! CATNIP When it come to catnip, the calm comes after the storm! We love Yeowww! Catnip as it is cultivated without chemicals or pesticides, which makes it one of the best organically grown catnips available. And here’s another cool thing: Yeowww! Products are 100% Made in the USA, and the company is based right here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota!

MERMAID TAILS: Cats love a good place to hide! And now you can provide that with a flair of style and personality! Our mermaid tail sacks are fun for burrowing, cuddling and napping.

FLEECE BALLS – We have so many fun toys, but none as quiet as a fleece ball! These bring out the kitten in your cat, without the added sound of a jingle ball.

FAKE MICE – Your cat will think its the real thing. But without the squeaks.

*we’ve linked some items to our online shop for your convenience. If you live within 10 miles of our store, we are offering home delivery! You can also place an order for any of these items when you call ahead for curbside pickup or enter our drive thru.