Take Better Pet Pics in 2021


Have you noticed that it’s not so easy to take a picture of your pet? What type of magic is needed to capture their adorable look and their unique personalities?!? To get the best tips, Pet Evolution has called on a few of our local influencer friends for their expert advice. Here’s what they suggest for snapping great pics of your pet:

Use what you got

For all my pictures of Ollie, I actually just use my phone, so no professional camera is used! (I don’t even own one!) – Sheila @sit_ollie_sit Look for good lighting

Lighting plays a big role when photographing Jack. I like to shoot during golden hour when we are outside and when we are inside I try and make sure we do photos in a very well-lit area or make sure that Jack is positioned in front of a window to get that lovely natural light. This is especially important when photographing an all-black dog. – Lindsey @mr_jack_the_lab

Change the camera’s perspective

Get out of the “tourist mode” of standing with your camera out in front of your body. Try moving your camera around to get different compositions. Photograph your dog from up above or down below. I like photographing Lucy at her eye level. It can be nice to have your dog climb on something higher up to get them off the ground. Have your dog try climbing up on a log, rock, or bench. You will often see me kneeling or even laying on the ground to get a good photo of Lucy. – Amanda @lucyloutherescuedog

Get on their level

I’ve taught Jack the “head down” trick so sometimes I will lay on the ground and photograph his adorable face from floor level. You can get some fun creative close-up shots of their noses or eyes when doing this. – Lindsey @mr_jack_the_lab

Get out and explore

Does your dog like being outside? Do they like going on adventures? Visit a new park, go for a hike, checkout a fun landmark. There are so many cool places to explore in Minnesota. Lucy loves exploring and I love documenting our travels together. – Amanda @lucyloutherescuedog

Try, try again

Ollie is extremely photogenic, so I get pretty lucky! But sometimes it can take me 50-100 snaps of Ollie to get the perfect shot! (depends on the day! haha) – Sheila @sit_ollie_sit

Treat them for a job well done

Use a high-quality treat when taking pics. I typically use treats that he can easily chew/digest/crunchy/break apart to keep his attention the whole time during the photoshoot. – Sheila @sit_ollie_sit

Mix it up

Mix up what treats, toys, and words you use to get them to look at the camera. Treats sometimes don’t cut it for Jack. I have to keep things interesting for him so he doesn’t lose focus during our photo session so I incorporate different things every time I do photos with him – then he always remembers how FUN it is to get your photo taken! Especially when I bring out the remote control, mittens, hats…😂 – Lindsey & @mr_jack_the_lab

Let them be themselves

Is your dog serious or silly? Dog expressions show their unique personality. Your dog doesn’t always need to be looking directly at the camera. Try and capture a variety of emotions. Lucy often looks around as I take photos. I don’t mind if she sits, stands, or lays down. I can get an assortment of photos from a location. – Amanda @lucyloutherescuedog