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Pet & Dog Grooming Services In St. Paul, MN

Get your pet looking amazing at our top-notch grooming salon. Our certified groomers use high-quality, natural products and safe techniques to keep your furry friend comfortable. Whether you want a full service or quick grooming, we’ve got you covered. Check out our services and book your appointment online at your nearest Pet Evolution.

Why Choose Professional Pet Grooming?

Experience the convenience of dog grooming services that will make your furry friend feel like they’re indulging in a day at the spa. Discover why cat and dog owners adore bringing their beloved pets to Pet Evolution St. Paul, MN for grooming with these 10 compelling reasons:

  • 1. Customized Coat Care. Pet Evolution’s grooming professionals excel in providing tailored care for dogs with different coat types, including smooth, short, silky, or long. Our comprehensive grooming services cover washing, brushing, trimming, and styling, enhancing the overall well-being and appearance of your beloved pet.
  • 2. Prevent Matting and Shedding. Consistent grooming is essential to control shedding, ensuring a cleaner home environment with reduced loose fur on furniture, carpets, and clothing. Moreover, regular grooming lowers the risk of fur matting, preventing potential discomfort and skin issues for both dogs and cats.
  • 3. Stress Free Nail Maintenance. Proper nail trimming is essential for your pet’s well-being. Neglecting this grooming task can cause pain and health problems. Since most dogs and cats dislike getting their nails trimmed, it’s wise to entrust this job to a certified groomer. This not only reduces stress for you but also for your beloved pet.
  • 4. Quick & Easy Ear Cleaning. Certain dog breeds, particularly those with droopy ears, are more susceptible to ear infections. Having a professional groomer clean their ears can significantly decrease the likelihood of infection and support optimal ear health.
  • 5. Accessible Dental Care. Your dog’s well-being relies on proper dental care. Integrate teeth brushing into your grooming regimen to proactively ward off dental issues and bid farewell to undesirable dog breath.
  • 6. Ample Socialization Opportunities. The socialization of dogs, particularly puppies, is integral to their overall development. Grooming salons serve as a beneficial environment for your dog to engage with other pets, people, and new surroundings.
  • 7. Expert Handling of Special Cases. Certain dogs require special grooming due to factors such as their age, health conditions, or temperament. At Pet Evolution, our groomers are well-equipped to handle senior dogs and those with unique requirements. We prioritize their care and ensure they receive the extra attention they deserve.
  • 8. Flea and Tick Detection. During your grooming appointment, our skilled groomers carefully examine your pet for any signs of fleas and ticks. If these pesky critters are found, our prompt detection enables you to take immediate action, preventing infestations and potential health problems.
  • 9. Unmatched Convenience. Professional grooming offers a significant time and effort-saving benefit for pet parents. Rather than struggling with grooming their dogs at home, they can opt for the convenience of dropping them off for a professional grooming session.
  • 10. Lower Stress Environment. At-home grooming can induce stress for both dogs and owners. Our groomers are professionally trained to handle all pets with care and patience, fostering a calm and comfortable environment during grooming sessions.

What to Expect at Your Dog Grooming Appointment With Pet Evolution In St. Paul, MN

Here’s what to expect when you bring your dog or cat to our grooming salon:

  1. During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss and communicate your specific requests regarding the grooming of your beloved pet.
  2. We will take your pet to our Groom Room for their scheduled appointment.
  3. The grooming time can range from 1 to 3+ hours, depending on the breed. You have the option to stay and observe, run errands, or simply go home and unwind.
  4. Once we have completed the grooming, our groomer will get in touch with you to arrange a time for you to collect your beloved pet.
Testimonial Image
Beth G.

I love my dog’s groom. The store was clean, inviting, and the staff, wonderful. My dog was well taken care of and the groomer was excellent.


Testimonial Image
Danielle B.

I brought my dog here for her first cut. AMAZING! The store was so clean. The customer service was top tier. My dog’s haircut was pure art!!

Testimonial Image
Mary B.

Pet Evolution is the best. They helped us find food options for our dog who has allergies. They really care and stand behind their products.

Testimonial Image
Mike O.

Pet Evolution transformed our sweet dog. The high quality food resolved her allergies and gave her the nutrition she so desperately needed.

Stephen L.

The monthly membership which includes unlimited self serve dog washes and product discounts is a steal. Anyone who shops here should get it.

Jean D.

The mobile nail service is great. Our dog has high anxiety, so taking her to a store is stressful. Not one bark from her the entire time!

Testimonial Image
Marisha J.

Using the tubs at Pet Evolution was a fun family trip! The best part; we didn’t have to clean up the hair.

Testimonial Image
Christine C

My sweet Betty has a hard time getting her nails done, but their techs did a great job without stressing out my puppy.

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Pet Grooming:
Frequently Asked Questions

Devoted to pets, Pet Evolution extends supportive guidance. Our mission is to furnish top-tier nutritional products and cutting-edge services, promoting a good life for all pets.

Pet Evolution is dedicated to providing premium pet food, retail products, exceptional grooming services, family-friendly self-serve dog wash stations, and convenient mobile nail trimming. Please note that we do not sell pets.

At our grooming service, we prioritize the use of natural products to ensure the safety of pets. With our gentle formulas, pets can enjoy clean and soft fur without any harsh chemicals.

Our full-service grooming package has everything your pet needs – a bath, blow dry, nail trim, full hair cut, and ear cleaning. Plus, we offer optional upgrades like nail filing, teeth brushing, ear plucking, anti-itching treatments, gland expressing, and de-matting.

Join us at our Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash, where customers are encouraged to bring their dogs into the store and utilize our supplies for a convenient dog-washing experience. Walk-ins are warmly welcomed.

Discover our shelves filled with premium pet food products, known for their high protein content, inclusion of fruits and vegetables, and use of humanely sourced meats.

Introducing our Mobile Nail Trim service! Easily book an appointment and let a Pet Evolution technician come to you for a hassle-free nail trimming session for your furry friend, whether it’s a dog or a cat. No need to worry about going out, we bring the salon experience right to your doorstep.

Looking for a Pet Evolution store near you? Use our website to easily find locations across the United States. We have multiple stores conveniently situated for your convenience.

Our Groom Room features expert safety-certified groomers who prioritize creating a secure and peaceful atmosphere for your pet.

The Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash is designed primarily for dogs. If you have questions about services available for cats, we advise reaching out to the store directly.

Our premium pet food is packed with protein, as well as a blend of fruits, vegetables, and ethically sourced meats for a balanced and nourishing diet for your beloved pet.

Schedule a Mobile Nail Trim appointment at your preferred location directly on our website.

Our current mobile service is centered on nail trims. Clients have the flexibility to supplement their appointments with optional services like teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

Our commitment extends to using products sourced from humanely raised meats. For comprehensive details on the meat sourcing in these products, speak to a Pet Evolution wellness associate available in-store.

No need to worry! We have all the supplies you need to wash your dog, including cleanup materials.