Pet Evolution:
St. Cloud, MN

Local Services

With our deep love for animals, we’re here to provide support and encouragement as we recognize the many choices you face when it comes to choosing the right food and care for your pets.

Storefront of a Pet Evolution Location

Holistic Approach

Our complete lineup of products and services is designed to nurture your pet both internally and externally, regardless of their breed, age, or preferences. There’s nothing that brings us more joy than seeing your pet in excellent health.

Employee washes dog in a tub

Full-Service Grooming & Bathing

Our full-service Groom Room is staffed by the finest safety-certified groomers who take great pride in creating a secure and peaceful atmosphere for your dog or cat.

Employee rinses dog in a tub

Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash

Just bring your dog, and we’ll handle everything, including cleanup. No appointment required. Visit us today!

Shelves of dog merchandise

Healthy Pet Food & Treats

You’ll find our shelves loaded with items that are rich in protein, incorporate an array of fruits and vegetables, and showcase meat that’s sourced ethically.

Mobile nail trim Van

Mobile Nail Trims

Book an appointment in the St. Cloud region, and our nearby technician will provide on-site service to you!