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Pet Evolution Co-Owner Rian and his rescue dog Heather share their story on Twin Cities Live!

Updated: Mar 10

(Heather's story begins at about 4:15)

Pet Evolution co-owner Rian and his dog Heather appeared on Twin Cities Live to share their story. He adopted her in September of 2018 from Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, after she had been rescued her from a sad situation. Now, Heather is a great example of how quality pet food, regular grooming and endless love changes a life!

Heather is a white husky mix. But when Rian first met her, she looked very different. She was neglected, scared, hungry and suffering from mange.

Mange is a skin disease caused by mites which live in the hair follicles, and it can be very uncomfortable for the dog who may be itchy or losing fur.

This picture from her first day shows her discomfort!

Rian put her on a nutritious diet, gave her multiple, good baths and had her groomed several times.

As he cared for her, they formed a special bond. Rian officially adopted her, and named her after a great friend that passed away who had also loved dogs.

Now, Heather is thriving. She has tons of energy, a great coat, and a spoiled lifestyle! She often accompanies Rian to the stores -- and grabs a bullystick from the display case as she walks by heading to the office.

If you are looking to add a fur family member, please consider an adoption or rescue organization. Pet Evolution regularly hosts events where adoptable dogs visit the store in hopes of meeting their forever homes. Please see our store events on our website and join us!


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