Pet Evolution's Mobile Nail Trim Service makes caring for your pet easier than ever.

Schedule an appointment and our technician will come to you, providing convenient and stress free nail trims and other essential pet services right in your driveway!

Currently servicing zip codes 55125, 55129, 55128, 55016 and surrounding areas. We look forward to expanding our service areas in the near future.  Service area questions? Email us at

Mobile Nail Trim Pricing

**Special Introductory Pricing!**

-One Professional Nail Trim - $25

-Two Professional Nail Trims - $45

Only $22.50 Per Pet

-Three Professional Nail Trims - $60

Only $20.00 Per Pet

-Four Professional Nail Trims - $75

Only $18.75 Per Pet

Sign up for Reccurring and SAVE!

Add-On Services Only $5 Each

  • Nail Grinding - Removes sharp edges

  • Tooth Brushing - Helps eliminate bad breath and maintain pearly whites

  • Ear Cleaning - Prevents itchy ears and wax buildup

  • Gland Expression