Our Mission: At our company, our unwavering commitment revolves around enriching the health and happiness of pets through exceptional customer service rooted in love, compassion, enjoyment, and the cultivation of significant relationships.

We are on the lookout for individuals characterized by their personable and outgoing nature, always prepared to extend a helping hand.

Qualifications: Grooming experience is a requirement, with a minimum of one year being highly preferred. Our employees are expected to consistently abide by company policies and execute their assigned tasks with diligence, all while maintaining a positive and supportive demeanor. A strong motivation for achievement, empathy, integrity, pride, and solid social skills are indispensable traits for excelling in our company.

Skill Requirements:  

Kindness: Compassion plays a pivotal role in our interaction with animals. It is essential to acknowledge that animals frequently encounter stress in unfamiliar or new environments. Groomers should possess this awareness and consistently approach all situations with kindness and empathy.   

Scheduling Requirements: Schedule dependent on store needs.  

Customer Service: Master the art of pet safety by understanding animal behavior and body language. This crucial knowledge is your key to confidently proceed with pet grooming. With living creatures known for their occasional unpredictability, sharpen your critical thinking skills to prevent any mishaps. Keep yourself and the pets in your care safe from potential injuries.  

Detail Oriented: Pay close attention to specific instructions given by the customer.  Monitor specific pet behavior to deter harm to self or animal. 

Ambassador For Safety: To ensure the safety of both yourself and the pets in your care, it’s essential to possess a fundamental understanding of animal behavior and body language. This knowledge allows you to assess whether it’s safe to proceed with grooming. Given that we work with living animals, known for their occasional unpredictability, critical thinking in high-pressure situations is a must to prevent potential injuries.    

Training: Our training program includes a thorough 30-hour in-store training period, guided by a manager, which you must satisfactorily complete. Moreover, attendance at our compulsory periodic advanced pet and pet product training courses is obligatory. We will also organize occasional in-store training sessions. Additionally, your managers will provide you with on-the-job guidance and instructions to support your growth. 

Salary Range: Our Stylists enjoy competitive commission rates or a guaranteed hourly rate – whichever is higher. Your pay grade may vary depending on your training and experience.  

Benefits (full-time only): One week of Paid Time Off (PTO).

Employee Benefits: Generous employee discount, flexible hours, fun work environment. 

Time Commitment: Stylists may be hired on a full- or part-time basis with hours varying accordingly. Overtime may be needed. Schedules can be adjusted based on business needs. Please note: no time off allowed before Thanksgiving & Christmas. 

Physical Requirements:  You should have the ability to regularly lift and transport items weighing up to 60 pounds.    

Duties include: 

  • Politely welcoming clients with scheduled appointments.
  • Engaging in open conversations with clients to determine optimal grooming approaches for their dogs.
  • Enlightening clients about various grooming packages and associated benefits.
  • Actively promoting supplementary services and retail products.
  • Skillfully washing and trimming dogs to align with breed-specific styling standards.
  • Untangling and removing matted fur.
  • Drying coat.
  • Inspecting for parasites and skin conditions.
  • Trimming nails.
  • Cleaning and maintaining ear hygiene.
  • Grand Expressions
  • Brushing teeth.
  • Consistently delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Demonstrating empathy and care for animals.
  • Effectively managing time to meet grooming schedules.
  • Staying updated on pet industry trends and grooming standards.
  • Maintaining accurate customer records, including grooming instructions.
  • Handling phone inquiries and grooming appointment bookings.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and upkeep of the facility and equipment.
  • Executing any additional tasks assigned by supervisors.

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