Our Mission: At Pet Evolution, our mission is to improve the lives of pets by delivering outstanding guest service, characterized by love, compassion, joy, and the creation of meaningful connections. 

Candidates should possess a genuine desire to enhance the well-being of pets and their owners, along with being naturally outgoing, friendly, and helpful.

Qualifications:  No prior grooming or bathing experience required. What we really care about is your commitment to following company policies and procedures, fulfilling your duties, and being a positive, cheerful, and helpful team player. To succeed in our company, you need to be highly motivated, empathetic, have integrity, take pride in your work, and excel at interpersonal skills.

Skill Requirements:  

Kindness: It’s crucial to acknowledge that animals may often experience stress in new or unfamiliar surroundings. Bathers and grooming assistants should be aware of this and approach every situation with care and compassion.  

Customer-Service: Show patience when dealing with customers and make an effort to truly grasp their preferences. Pay close attention to their body language and reactions. If there is any indication of concern about the final grooming results, promptly take corrective measures, even if the customer initially declines. Our ultimate objective is to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.   

 Detail OrientedMaintain keen attentiveness to the precise instructions provided by the customer. Monitor the pet’s behavior closely to prevent any harm to either the pet or yourself. 

 Ambassador For SafetyIt is essential to possess a grasp of fundamental animal behavior and body language to assess the safety of grooming procedures for pets. The ability to think critically and respond effectively under pressure, considering the specific situation, is imperative to prevent potential injuries to both yourself and the pets, as we are working with living creatures known for their occasional unpredictability.  

Training: We offer an extensive in-store training program lasting 24-30 hours, supervised by a manager, that you are required to successfully complete. In addition, attendance at our compulsory advanced pet and pet product training sessions is expected, along with periodic in-store training sessions. You will also receive on-the-job guidance and instructions from your managers. 

Salary Range: Bathers will receive a competitive hourly rate plus tips. 

Benefits (full-time only):

Employee Benefits: Generous employee discount, flexible hours, fun work environment. 

Time Commitment:  Bathers can choose between full-time or part-time positions, and their hours will be adjusted accordingly. Overtime may be required based on business needs. Please be aware that our management maintains the flexibility to adjust schedules according to business demands. Also, note that no time off is permitted in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Physical Requirements:  The responsibilities of this role entail a substantial amount of physical activity, encompassing tasks such as extended periods of standing, safely lifting and managing dogs/cats, bending, leaning, and crouching. Please take into account that you should possess the capability to regularly lift and transport items weighing around 60 pounds.    

 Duties include: 

  • Cultivating a secure and enjoyable work environment.
  • Consistently delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Demonstrating care and compassion for animals.
  • Time management.
  • Engaging customers, determining their needs. 
  • Staying updated on industry trends and grooming standards in the pet sector.
  • Maintaining customer records by accurately importing essential information and grooming instructions.
  • Managing phone inquiries and grooming appointment bookings.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility and equipment.
  • Executing additional tasks assigned by supervisors with a positive and effective approach.
  • Administering bathing and preparatory procedures for groomed dogs (if scheduled).
  • Providing comprehensive bath and cleanup packages.
  • Delivering complete bath and blow-dry packages.
  • Assisting walk-in clients with a range of a la carte services.
  • Supporting groomers by maintaining cleanliness during haircuts to keep the area and floor tidy.


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