Pet Evolution:
Eden Prairie, MN

Local Services

Our dedication to pets fuels our commitment to offer support and encouragement, knowing well the numerous choices you need to make when it comes to providing the ideal food and care for your beloved animals.

Storefront of a Pet Evolution Location

Holistic Approach

Whether it’s your pet’s breed, age, likes, or dislikes, our extensive range of products and services is tailored to care for them from the inside out. Our ultimate satisfaction comes from witnessing your pet’s optimal health.

Employee washes dog in a tub

Full-Service Grooming & Bathing

The Groom Room, part of our full-service offerings, is home to safety-certified groomers who are committed to maintaining a safe and serene environment for your dog or cat.

Employee rinses dog in a tub

Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash

Bring your dog, and we’ll take care of the rest, including cleaning up. No need for an appointment. Come by today!

Shelves of dog merchandise

Healthy Pet Food & Treats

Explore our well-stocked shelves, filled with products that are packed with protein, incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables, and feature meat that’s sourced in a humane manner.

Mobile nail trim Van

Mobile Nail Trims

Arrange an appointment within the Eden Prairie area, and a local technician will come directly to your location!