Our Mission: Our mission is to help pets live the good life by providing the highest quality food, treats and grooming services”. 

 You must care about helping to improve the lives of pets and their owners. You must be outgoing, friendly, and helpful. 

 Qualifications: A minimum of 1 year of grooming experience preferred. Must be willing and able to consistently follow company policies and procedures, reliably carry out assigned duties, and behave in a positive, upbeat, helpful manner.  A strong achievement drive, empathy, integrity, pride, and good social skills are keys to success in our company. 

 Skill Requirements:  

Kindness: It’s important to understand that animals oftentimes are very stressed out when introduced to new environments or unfamiliar situations. Groomers must understand this and treat all situations accordingly, with kindness and compassion.   

Scheduling Requirements: Schedule dependent on store needs  

Customer Service: Be patient with customers and take the time to truly figure out what they want.  Pay close attention to customer body language and reaction.  If the customer appears even slightly concerned with the way the final groom looks, fix immediately even if the customer says no. All customers must leave happy!   

Detail Oriented: Pay close attention to specific instructions given by the customer.  Monitor specific pet behavior to deter harm to self or animal. 

Ambassador For Safety: You must be able to understand basic animal behavior and body language to be able to determine whether it is safe to groom the pet.  You must be able to think critically under pressure on a situational basis to prevent injuries to yourself and your pets as we are working with living animals that are known to be unpredictable at times.    

Training: There is a 30-hour extensive in-store training period with a manager that must be successfully completed. In addition, we regularly hold advanced pet and pet product-training courses that you are required to attend, as well as occasional in-store training sessions. You will also receive on-the-job instructions from your managers. 

Salary Range: Grooming Stylists receive competitive commission and or hourly rates, whichever is greater (pay grade may vary based on training and experience). 

Employee Benefits: Generous employee discount, flexible hours, fun work environment. 

Time Commitment: Stylist may be hired on a full- or part-time basis with hours varying accordingly. Overtime is required as needed. Management reserves the right to change schedules according to business needs. No time off permitted during the two weeks preceding Thanksgiving & Christmas. 

Physical Requirements: You must be able to lift and carry up to 60 pounds on a regular basis.    

 Duties include: 

  • Greeting their scheduled customers  
  • Communicating with customers and asking open ended questions to determine the best way to groom their dog 
  • Educating clients on different packages and benefits 
  • Promoting add on services and retail  
  • Bathing and clipping dogs to conform to a variety of breed-specific styles 
  • Detangling and removing matted hair  
  • Drying the coat  
  • Checking for parasites and other skin conditions 
  • Trimming nails 
  • Cleaning the ears  
  • Grand Expressions 
  • Brushing teeth 
  • Providing excellent customer service. 
  • Care and compassion for animals. 
  • Time management. 
  • Keeping informed about pet industry and grooming standards.  
  • Operating customer record retention by importing accurate customer information and specific notes relating to grooming instruction.   
  • Answering phones and booking grooming appointments. 
  • Cleaning the facility and equipment. 
  • Carrying out other duties assigned by supervisors in a cheerful and efficient manner 

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