Pet Evolution:
Blaine, MN

Local Services

Our dedication to pets is fueled by passion, and we provide steadfast support and encouragement. We acknowledge the multitude of decisions involved in selecting the right food and care for your cherished animals.

Storefront of a Pet Evolution Location

Holistic Approach

Transform your pet’s well-being with our comprehensive range of products and services. We cater to all breeds, ages, and preferences. There’s nothing more fulfilling for us than seeing your pet thrive in optimum health.

Employee washes dog in a tub

Full-Service Grooming & Bathing

Our full-service Groom Room exclusively employs top-notch groomers who hold safety certifications and are dedicated to establishing a safe and peaceful atmosphere for your beloved dog or cat.

Employee rinses dog in a tub

Family Fun Self-Serve Dog Wash

Bring your dog and leave the rest to us – including clean-up! No need for an appointment. Visit us today!

Shelves of dog merchandise

Healthy Pet Food & Treats

Our shelves are abundantly stocked with products that are rich in protein, incorporate fruits and vegetables, and feature humanely sourced meat.

Mobile nail trim Van

Mobile Nail Trims

Arrange an appointment in the Blaine area, and our local technician will be dispatched to your location!