Summer Safety for your Pet

Sunny summer days and warm summer nights are finally here! And that means we will all be spending more time outdoors, including our pets. That can come with a few risks which are avoidable with a bit of diligence and some quality prod

Make sure your pet is getting enough fresh water. Just like humans, pets need adequate water intake to prevent dehydration. Common symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, loss of appetite and dry mouth. Wash water bowls daily and refill often. Water bowls made from stainless steel and ceramic are preferred, as plastics can contain chemicals.

Use a high-quality flea & tick preventative. The number one way to keep disease carrying ticks and pesky fleas from attaching themselves to your pet – and moving in to your home – is to treat your pet regularly with a flea and tick preventative. Pet Evolution carries a long-release liquid manufactured by SENTRY® that is easily applied down the middle of your animal’s back. For extra protection, add a SERESTO flea collar, which can last up to eight months. It’s also good practice to check adventuring dogs and cats when they return from outdoors for any ticks that might have taken hold.

Use a leash. While it’s fun to let dogs (or cats) run free in wide open spaces, it’s best to keep them leashed. Pets on leashes are less likely to run away, get hit by a vehicle or get in a spat with another passing pet. If you’d like to exercise your dog without a leash, visit a dog exercise park (here are a few to consider!).

Keep them clean! We’ve all seen what happens when a dog detects a special scent in the grass! They roll in it — and afterwards it’s not usually as pleasant smelling to pet owners! Bathe your pets once a month, or more regularly if advised by a veterinarian. It’s easy at Pet Evolution’s Self-Serve Dog Wash, where we conveniently supply everything you need to freshen up your pet’s fur starting at $15 — and your 6th wash is free.