Stocking Stuffers for Pets

“It’s the holiday season… And Santa Claus has got a toy… For every good girl and good little boy!”

This famous song sung by Andy Williams is also about our pets, amiright? They deserve a stocking full of fun on Christmas morning, too!

Here are a few of our favorite things (different song!):

Kong products – A KONG is a durable and multipurpose pet toy. You can find both dog and cat options at Pet Evolution. One of our favorite uses of a KONG is to fill it with a special treat, which will turn the toy in to a mentally stimulating puzzle as your pet tries to dig out the treat! This is a great toy for those incredibly cold days when we are all stuck inside and bored as can be! BONUS TIP: The KONG company’s website has special recipes for KONG fillers. Check it out!

Bully Stick – A bully stick is the secret to keeping your dog busy and away from the human’s holiday feast table. It’s like a lollipop for a child: once you give them one, they become incredibly quiet! Plus, their long and skinny shape fits nicely in to almost every stocking. We have so many options at Pet Evolution! Plus, with our rewards program, when you buy 10 you get the 11th treat FREE!

Fluff n Tuff Squeaker Toys – Fluff n Tuff toys are a delight for dogs! They are made with durable materials, but the real magic of Fluff & Tuff is in the actual mouth-feel for the dogs. Instead of cheap canvas and hard edges, Fluff & Tuff toys are made with generously folded, double-stitched seams, embroidered eyes, long-lasting squeakers encased in sewn fabric pouches, and a thick mesh liner to reinforce the outer fabric.

Yeowww! Catnip – Store cat Alice gives her personal stamp of approval to this organically grown catnip. It’s cultivated without chemicals or pesticides, which makes it one of the best organically grown catnips available. And here’s another cool thing: Yeowww! Products are 100% Made in the USA, and the company is based right here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota!

Christmas Cookies – Step in to either of our stores and you will see a beautiful bakery display case full of Bosco and Roxy’s Christmas cookies! There are fun individual cookies available as well as multi-packs. They add a colorful and festive treat to your pet’s stocking. As one of the cookies says, “SNOW CUTE!”

Stop in and we can help you with even more ideas that are catered to your pet’s unique personality.

“While the merry bells keep ringing, happy holiday to you!”