LEDs Will Brighten Your Life!

Here we are in the midst of fall, and in addition to losing the leaves on the trees, we are quickly losing our sunlight! The sun is going down before 5pm now, and that trend will continue for a number of weeks yet.

But you don’t have to compromise your evening walks or outdoor fun just because of light. In fact, adding LED lights to your pet supply stash will bring a number of benefits to your family:

Most obviously, LED lights help you see your pet better outside. But not just in the early winter evenings. They are very helpful year-round: summer camping, hiking in the woods, or in the late hours of a bonfire night. You will enjoy your outdoor experience more with the peace of mind that comes along with easily spotting your pet’s location thanks to a bright shining light!

Yes, your pet is more visible to you with an LED light on. But also, more visible to motorists. As you are taking your evening stroll, it’s always helpful to have this extra level of safety precaution.

Does your dog walk slightly in front of you? With an LED light attached to your pup, s/he will instantly become a small flashlight illuminating your way!

Bonus: They will also light up their chosen place to poop so you don’t have to hunt around in the dark.

Pet Evolution has a variety of LED lights available at both of our stores. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about the type of adventures you and your pet enjoy, and we’ll help you select an LED product that will light up your life!