How often should I clip my pet’s nails?

Our grooming staff often gets asked this question, and the answer often depends on a few factors. Here are few things to keep in mind when it comes to pawdicures for your pet:

Pets aren’t supposed to be tap dancing! If you can hear your pet’s nails tapping on your hardwood floor or tile when they walk, then its definitely time for a trim!

We find that the more active a pet is, the more naturally worn down their nails will be due to walking or running on pavement. We also find that an elder pet living a more sedentary lifestyle might need more frequent nail trims as they don’t receive this benefit. Plus, it’s very common for front paw nails to grow faster than back paw nails. All of this to say that it’s important to keep your eye (and ear) out as to when your pet is due.

If you wait too long, it can become very painful for your pet!

A pet with long nails can experience pain as their paws take each step. The worst case being that their nails have grown to such a long length that they have curled over and piercing the paw pad. Ouch! And just like humans, long nails are more likely to get hung up on things and break! Sadly, we have heard stories of pets having sedated surgery for nail removal.

Your floors and furniture will thank you.

While we tend to focus on the benefits of nail trims for your pet, there are positive benefits for you, too! With properly trimmed nails, your pet is less likely to scratch or tear your furniture and floors.

The more often your pet receives a nail trim, the more accustomed and relaxed they will be during the service.

Starting nail trims when your pet is young will be the best way to familiarize them with the grooming technique. If your pet has anxiety about nail trims, consider easing them in to it by starting with having one nail done or one paw done a visit and building up to a full service from there.

It’s easy to do at home, but you can also leave it to the pros!

Nail trimmers are fairly reasonably priced and easy to use. However if you aren’t used to the technique, you could hurt your pet! There is a soft tissue in the nail called “the quick,” and if you accidentally clip it, the nail will bleed and is then subjected to possible infection. This is even more difficult to navigate if your pet has dark colored nails. While it’s not impossible to do at home, one bad experience can cause a lot of anxiety in your pet – and you! Our groomers are pros at nail trims for all household pets, and are happy to relieve you of the stress!

Visit our monthly $10 nail trim event for fast, outstanding service.

One of our signature events at Pet Evolution is our monthly nail trim special on the first Saturday of every month. This speedy and affordable service (only $10) will keep your pet’s nails in good health. Plus, with regular monthly trims, your pet will be very familiar with the process! It’s a great experience for all!