Brrrr! Keep those pets warm!

We often hear tips on how humans should stay safe during these extreme cold spells. And the truth is, if its dangerously cold outside for a human, it is dangerously cold for your pet, too! Here are a few things to protect your pet during this cold snap, which we know will come back around again this winter (a few times!):

LIMIT TIME OUTSIDE: Be aware of your pet’s time outdoors. Obviously, it is essential for dogs to go outside at some point to relieve themselves. However, like people, your pets are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Longer, thick-furred breeds, such as huskies, are more tolerant of winter weather but no pet should be left outside for long periods in extreme cold. If your pet starts to whine, shiver, slow down or stop moving, bring them back indoors quickly.

PAMPER THE PAWS: Just like humans, your pet’s skin can become dry and crack easily during the winter months. Check your pet’s paws frequently for cracked paw pads or bleeding. It’s also helpful to keep hair between the toes trimmed to prevent snowballs from building up and causing discomfort. Our groomers can help you with that! Also, consider booties as a great way to protect paws outdoors by adding a layer of warmth to their feet. Bring your pet in to Pet Evolution when you shop for these and our knowledgeable staff will help ensure a proper fit.

BRING ON THE FASHION: Consider getting a coat or sweater with coverage from the base of the tail to the belly. For many dogs, this is useful all winter long, especially when heading out on walks. We have some tried-and-true options in our store that are both effective and attractive. It’s helpful to have at least 2 on hand so that one is available for use while the other is drying out. A wet sweater or coat can have the reverse effect and actually make your dog colder.

STOCK UP ON PET SUPPLIES: When the big blizzard is on its way (#Minnesota), everyone heads to the grocery store to stock up on supplies. Don’t forget about your pet! Always keep at least one extra week of supplies (pet food, supplements and necessary medications) on hand in case of severe weather. It’s also good idea to keep a few extra treats around to entertain your pet when cabin fever sets in.

Stay warm, furiends!